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New Series from TLC “Risking It All” Taking it Off The Grid

3 Families Hope that Taking Their Lives Off The Grid will Save Them.

TLC will follow three families as they go off the grid on its new series “Risking It All,” which premieres on Nov. 18 at 10 p.m. ET.

All 3 families are willing to say goodbye to the comforts they have spent a life time to build, move completely to the middle of nowhere, and attempt to start their lives all over again “Off The Grid” in a hopes it will save and repair their various relationship problems.

Most of the people currently living off the grid understand what it takes, and the long path it take to get there.  The scarifies of giving up most of your worldly belongings, digging the gadgets and gizmos like smartphones and tablets.  Understanding that living a simple life can be more rewarding then living any other way.  It takes years to build a lifestyle you want to life, not days, weeks or months.

To sum it up, these families will be looking to get back to their ancestral roots: no electricity, basic shelter, basic food, no clean or potable running water.  This seems like a typical made for TV series, and these families have to be given something on the side from the networks (which make me a little sick).  If you’re moving off the grid for your family great…  But if, you’re doing it for your 5 minutes of fame please don’t.

I guess the question is, will you tune in to watch it?  The only reason to watch would be to teach me something I don’t already know, because as it stands these types of reality series really have no purpose.

Here’s the trailer, you make the call:

Thanks TLC!

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