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Best Way To Remove a Tick

Helpful Tips on How to Remove a Tick

In my mind ticks, and tick bites can be one of the worse forms of insect related nuisance and transmitters of disease while in the forest, woods or bush.  There are numerous tickborne diseases or pathogens carried by ticks which can lead to some serious or even fatal outcomes.

Adult Deer Tick

By Photo by Scott Bauer. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

More on Tickborne Diseases

Ideally, to avoid or reduce your risk of contracting one of these diseases it best to know the proper technique for remove a tick after it’s has bitten you.

Here are the 4 Basic Steps to Removing a Tick:

  1. Using a fine-tipped set of tweezer, grasp the tick as close to your skin’s surfaces as possible.
  3. Pull straight upwards with a slow, steady motion, and maintain an even pressure
  4. After the tick has released from the skin, thoroughly clean the bite area, and your hands with rubbing alcohol, or soap and water.

Extra:  Make certain you continue to monitor the bite zone for redness or swelling, and seek medical attention if either appear.

Quick 2 minute video from the University of Manitoba on “How to properly remove a tick”


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