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Articles, trends and guides on gardening, forging for food and water. From rain water to winter greenhouses, practical living.

LifeStraw Water Filtration

LifeStraw portable filtration system

New LifeStraw® Water Filters Give the Gift of Safe Drinking Water to Outdoor Enthusiasts and Emergency Preppers with each LifeStraw® purchase, one school child in Africa receives clean drinking water for an entire school year. 20 November 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland — The award-winning LifeStraw® water purifying technology has been integrated into a new refillable water […]

Key Water Indicator Portal

Water Information for Canada

Key Water Indicator Portal The KWIP is a portal through which data can be represented in graphs, charts, and tables. Selected indicators from the UN-Water Task Force on Indicators, Monitoring and Reporting are displayed, although more indicators or variables can be added in the future. The main purpose of the KWIP is to provide information in a […]

Indoor Garden and Herb Solutions

kitchen herb wall box

Building Indoor Gardens or Herb Solutions doesn’t have to be difficult. A green wall – also known as a plant walls, vertical walls or living walls – are a beautiful and newer alternative method to growing indoor gardens, plants, flowers or kitchen herbs. The possibles are endless, and can be constructed basically on any interior […]

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