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Germination Test for Effect Spring Gardens

Germination Test for Quality Seeds

With Spring on the horizon, and winter slowing drawing to a end, its time to start turning ones attention to readying for gardening season.  But are your older seeds worth planting, or should you consider bartering or investing in new seeds?

9 Step Seed Germination Test

Solution: Germination Testing

How do you test whether your seed are still viable to grow hardy plants or vegetable crops for effective yields?

9 Simple Steps to Test the Viability of your Seeds

  1. Use a double thick paper towel. Moisten with water and fold in half.
  2. Open paper towel and place a minimum of 10 seeds on one side of towel.
  3. Fold paper towel over covering seeds completely.
  4. Place paper towel in plastic bag, or on plate covered with plastic. It is ok to roll or fold paper towel to fit if necessary. Do not air seal bag shut as you need some air for healthy germination.
  5. Place bags in a warm spot (for example, on top of your fridge, upper closet shelf).
  6. Check daily to make sure towel does not dry out.
  7. Most seeds will germinate within 3-10 days. Some flowers and herbs may take longer and have special germination requirements. There is a great deal of specific germination info listed online – do a simple Google search for “germination requirements for Insert Seed Type Here.”
  8. Check seeds every few days, and monitor seed quality and germination rate. Healthy seeds have uniform germination and will not have any fungal or bacterial growth on outside of seed coat.
  9. If your germination rate is less than 60%, consider buying new seeds or sowing your seeds extra thickly to compensate for the low germination rate.

You may find the short blurb and video interesting on “How to Green Your Home – Indoor Vertical Garden” or for more information on seeds, gardening, germination tests, and organic growing check out the site listed below.  Enjoy!

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