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Refund, Rebates, and Tax Credits for Off The Grid Living

Refund, Rebates, and Tax Credits for Off The Grid Living

A question came in via our Facebook Page from one of our Fans / Followers.

David asked, “is there any tax breaks or anything for financial help for going off grid?”

Here’s what I came up with…

David great question, and the best answer I can come up with is it depends. In Canada there are numerous Refund, Rebates, and Tax Credits for different types of living expenses or home updates. For example the Micro-fit program, which you can use for renewal energy such as solar installation.

Here are some site you may want to check out for different types of Refunds, Rebates, or Tax Credits.

Credits, Benefits, and Incentives:
Government of Canada Microfit Program:

Solar Microfit Program OntarioecoAction – Going Green:

Hope this helps you get your start to off grid living. Thanks for the question. ~Matt

If anyone has any additional insight please post a comment. Thanks!

One addition to this article is the Conservation Land Tax Breaks.

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