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Indoor Garden and Herb Solutions

Building Indoor Gardens or Herb Solutions doesn’t have to be difficult.

A green wall – also known as a plant walls, vertical walls or living walls – are a beautiful and newer alternative method to growing indoor gardens, plants, flowers or kitchen herbs.

The possibles are endless, and can be constructed basically on any interior wall in the your home, provided to you have the space, and lighting to support growth.

There have been very sophisticated systems for a green wall inside on the market. A couple manufactures of green wall solutions  are:

gsky – Plant Systems, Inc. – Who offer a variety of systems include the Smart Wall Cabinet.  Smart Wall  is perfect for indoor environments such as lobbies, reception areas, hallways and other places of high traffic.

green living technologies international llc – Who offer everything from commercial roof top solutions to the simplified “Free-Standing Systems” for individuals with minimal wall space.

But, if you’re a DIYer you should be able to construct your own solutions and reverse engineer a suitable solution for your own needs.

Photo sample solutions and designs:

Vertical Herb garden kitchen wall

A herbal wall in the kitchen: everything fresh at hand.
© Habitos

Baby Jar Wall Garden Design

Glass Jar Garden solution for growing herbs

smart wall cabinet

Smart Wall Cabinet solution by gsky


kitchen herb wall box

Vertical Herb Garden from the Williams Sonoma

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