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10 Myths About Wild Bears

Brown Bear Running

10 Myths that may Save your Life when it comes to Knowing, Encountering and Understanding bears.  Photo Credit: I, Malene via Wikimedia Commons Myth #1:  Bears are Aggressive and Unpredictable Fact: Bears actually exhibit body language and vocal cues that tend to offer clues about their intentions.  For example: Huffing and slapping the ground are […]

5 Myths about Custom-Build Homes for Sustainable Living

Eco-friendly forest home by Johnston Architects

Mythbusting on sustainable homes Isabel Allen and Simon McWhirter, directors at Hab Housing, explore some of the myths that surround custom-build and explain why it has a key role to play in tackling the UK’s housing crisis. This article originally appeared in Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to Sustainable Homes 2013. Myth one: custom-build is expensive It doesn’t have to […]

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