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Underground Survival Shelter

Shelter Entry Hatch

Underground Survival Shelter Have Come A Long Way! A far advancement from the days of old and prison-like boom or fallout shelters we have seen or read about in the past.  The modern structures of today have grown in strength, capacity, and comfort to the point they have been converted to house the common comforts […]

LifeStraw Water Filtration

LifeStraw portable filtration system

New LifeStraw® Water Filters Give the Gift of Safe Drinking Water to Outdoor Enthusiasts and Emergency Preppers with each LifeStraw® purchase, one school child in Africa receives clean drinking water for an entire school year. 20 November 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland — The award-winning LifeStraw® water purifying technology has been integrated into a new refillable water […]

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