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First City of Tiny Homes: Spur, Texas

First City of Tiny Homes: Spur, Texas

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PRLogJul. 20, 2014SPUR, TexasThe City Council of Spur, TX passed a resolution tonight designating the City of Spur as Americas’ first officially “Tiny House Friendly” town. The resolution tips its hat to the movement toward smaller and more efficient dwellings that has grown into a national trend dubbed the “Tiny House Movement” by proponents and the press. Motivated by downward pressure on wages and real estate prices and an abhorrence of waste, a new generation of pioneers is setting about re-inventing the American dream, harking back to the pioneer spirit of early settlers who carved lives out of the wilderness with a determined focus on self-sufficiency and modest living. But this is not your great grandfathers’ tiny house. Aided by technology and innovative designs from companies like Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, the new pioneer house would make Thoreau blush at its luxurious accommodations.

Resolution Spur Texas

Welcome to Spur, Texas. The nation’s first “Tiny” House friendly town.

“Spur embodies the ‘Spirit of the West’,” says Randy Adams, author of the resolution. “We recognize kindred spirits when we see them and we want these new pioneers to know they’re welcome in Spur.” “We saw that larger cities haven’t been all that welcoming to smaller houses, seemingly unable to remove permitting and code obstacles, (usually requiring square footage to be 1,000 sq./ft. or more), so we hoped we could help by removing restrictions related to home size.” Adams says, “Folks who want to live the “Tiny” house life in Spur need only to build with quality, connect to city utilities and pay taxes like everybody else.”

Manuel Herrera, the Mayor of Spur, hopes that the towns’ new initiative will encourage growth through an influx of enterprising, energetic people who will create opportunity for themselves and the town by bringing technology and light manufacturing expertise. Mr. Herrera, “We hope that the combination of our low cost of living, inexpensive land and access to over a million customers within a two hour radius will be attractive to the new pioneers.”

More information about the Spur “Tiny” house initiative can be found at www.spurfreedom.com

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