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Exactly How Much Land Do You Need to Live Off The Grid?

What Does it Take Property Wise to Get Off The Grid?

In the today and now, it seems that everyone is continuing to talk about sustainable living, going off grid, and homesteading.  But what should be really considered is to what level of off the grid living you are looking to achieve.  Something easy and simple, like a couple hundred dollar solar panels from your local Walmart, and poof your now partly off the grid producing your own power.  Or are we talking the hard-core, fully self-reliant, solar / wind generated energy, food producing gardens, micro farm, and more.

There are certainly a number of excellent resources out there to help curve discussions like: message boards, prepper forums, and how-to’s or do it yourself sites.  I stumbled across a solar panel discount company called Pure Energies, whom had prepared a little infographic that helps explain how much land you need to live completely off the grid.  Not sure I’m 100% on board with all these details, but figured I’d pass it on as an extra resource.

According to the company’s research, a family of four that eats meat, dairy and eggs would need around two acres of land to feed themselves for a year.  However, you could purchase flour instead of growing your own wheat and save 1/2 an acre.

Have a look at the infographic:

How Big a Backyard Would You Need to Live Off the Land?

Infographic Courtesy: Pure Energies


Sourced:  Pure Energies – A leading energy advisor in Canada and the United States. 

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