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Power Up Your iPad or iPhone While Off The Grid

Solar-powered chargers are one solution for outdoor enthusiasts, but here’s an even more convenient option,BioLite’s KettleCharge. This amazing invention can provide off-grid power and potable water in a matter of minutes. It’s perfect for camping expeditions, has applications in third-wold countries, and is just as useful for those who have to deal with infrequent power cuts in the developed world.

To use the KettleCharge, just fill it with water, then place it on a stove or camp fire until the device starts to beep. That’s the signal that you’ve got 10W of usable power, and a reminder to remove the device before the electronics inside start to melt. End result – drinkable water that can be saved for later, and a super-convenient way to charge all kinds of electronic devices.

Thermoelectric Generator

The secret ingredient of KettleCharge is the Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) located on the base of the the device. On the inside there is both a hot and cold side, with electricity produced as a result of the difference in temperature. The Kettle filled with water serves as the cold side; the flame of your stove in contact with the baseplate is the hot side.

BioLite  Kettle Charge

Video on BioLite KettleCharge


BioLite have already made a name for themselves as a company that serves tech-enabled campers perfectly, but KettleCharge proves they still have a few tricks up their sleeve. They also focus on market-based approaches to poverty alleviation:

By creating solutions that are effective, affordable and desirable to the end user, we can reach more people more effectively. Sales of the CampStove help to support the one-time market establishment costs for the HomeStove. This is not charity, or a one-for-one model, but simply the capital needed to incubate self-sustained energy access for the people who need it most.

KettleCharge will start shipping in October, and is available for $149.95.

Sourced: BioLite – http://biolitestove.com/products/kettlecharge/

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