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Perfect Blend of Tiny Homes and Go RVing

From Tiny Homes to Charming Cabins – This has Both

Changing the landscape and design, look and appeal of what RVing and Tiny Homes can really be like.  The ESCAPE cabin was crafted by a talented architect / designer Kelly R. Davis.  This cozy cabin is actually a Park Model sized RV.

The design was inspired by the rapidly growing popularity of the tiny house movement where more people are trying to live with a smaller financial, environmental, and physical footprint.  The tiny house movement is all about “less house, more life.”

© Escape/ Canoe Bay

© Escape/ Canoe Bay

The ESCAPE is actually 568 sq/ft, but that includes the screened porch area.   Total living space is 400 square feet.  That’s larger than the average New York Bachelor or Studio apartment.


Living Room © Escape/ Canoe Bay

Kelly Davis, Principal Emeritus from SALA Architects, who has many years of experience designing modern cabins and cottages, designed this unique project.

Window Wall ESCAPE Cabin

Window Wall © Escape/ Canoe Bay

Inspired by All-American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s celebrated attention to detail and appreciation of nature, every element of the ESCAPE has been finished to the highest quality standards, featuring cedar lap siding, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and much more.

Typical Kitchen ESCAPE Cabin

Typical Kitchen © Escape/ Canoe Bay

ESCAPE was conceived as a high quality cottage, not an RV.  The current cost is around $79,000.

Screened Porch Area ESCAPE Cabin

Screened Porch © Escape/ Canoe Bay

ESCAPE Cabin Limited Floor Plan

Limited Floor Plan © Escape/ Canoe Bay

All the interior wood finishing is standard, as is the cathedral ceiling and all the other nice architectural touches. The builder blurbs:

Become one with nature with virtually no carbon footprint: The ESCAPE is an incredibly green and environmentally friendly living solution. It is constructed entirely of recyclable or sustainable growth materials and consumes very little power.

This ESCAPE cabin is the ideal blend of beauty, charm, and environmental awareness wrapped into a mobile home.  It may be a little over priced for a standard park model RV, but you do have the convenience of being any to pick up and move if you don’t like your neighborhood.  It’s all in the name!

Front View ESCAPE

Front View © Escape/ Canoe Bay

If you were presented with the opportunity, would you purchase an ESCAPE cabin?

Sourced: ESCAPE

Credits: Kelly R. DavisSALA Architects

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